Candlestick Snow Maiden with sleigh
candlestick Snow Maiden with sleigh
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candlestick Snow Maiden with sleigh



candlestick Snow Maiden with sleigh, 9 x 6,5 x 8 cm

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candlestick Snow Maiden with sleigh

The candle holder has the dimensions 9 x 6.5 x 8 cm.

We Snowflakes are made of beech wood.
Something an uncle turns us ever so long on a machine that we are all bad, he says he makes us around now. We are very dynamic this enjoy our lovers.
If we are all glued together, the aunt is coming and whisks us in color around. After this we enjoy to go to the maskfor getting pretty eyes, mascara and a pouting mouth painted. This aunt is always very nice to us, she says in each of us there is a piece of her heart and soul. We believe that you can see this very much!
In stock we can still pick out something nice to us then: brand new handmade instrument to make music, gift package, sled, ski and little birds made of wood waiting for us.
With these great things we can present ourself on our snow crystal or on a cloud with a lot of snow. For our long journey to our new owners we cuddle in a soft blanket in our box.

We are looking forward to our new home with happyness.

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