Hanging Glass Ball Apple Blossom in Flower Wreath

    Hanging Glass Ball Apple Blossom in Flower Wreath

    about 8 x 9cm

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    Hanging Glass Ball Apple Blossom in Flower Wreath


    Hang glass globe apple blossom in flower wreath

    combines classic and modern craftsmanship in one.

    A floral wreath of 3mm birch plywood forms the frame for the mouth-blown glass figure,

    The freibweglich is attached to the wood.

    The artist Mrs. Anka Lochschmidt paints every single ball with love and devotion.

    You will receive an artistic unique piece.

    This tree hanging is packed in a present box with transparent window.

    each about 8 x 9cm


    Additional information

    Weight5 kg
    Dimensions8 × 9 cm
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