Long skirt angel with wish list
Blank long skirt angel with wish list
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Blank long skirt angel with wish list


  • Height about 7cm
  • from local woods
  • gift idea
  • collectible figure
  • colored

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This pretty and timeless long-skirt angel with wish list, colored comes from Blank.

With these enchanting angels you have the opportunity to create your own little angel world. You can put together your group of angels according to your own taste and create a unique Christmas decoration.

This angel is an indispensable part of the “Christmas Dream” figure group and fits seamlessly into the large group of angels.

The angel with a wish list carries in his hands a lovingly written wish list, which is neatly written by hand on dark blue paper with a silver pen. The little angel enchants with his friendly face and delicate pink cheeks. His short white dress and the golden crown on his head give him a graceful elegance that will brighten up any room.

The angels from the “Christmas Dream” collection proudly wear elegant blue wings on their backs. These wings add a touch of magic and make them appear truly ethereal in your home.

The long-skirt angel with a wish list in color is made from various local woods and goes through a complex manufacturing process that includes around 135 steps. Every step is carried out with the utmost attention to detail and precision to ensure that each angel is a unique work of art.

With this long-skirt angel with a wish list, you not only bring an extraordinary Christmas decoration into your home, but also a piece of craftsmanship and tradition from Blank. Experience the timeless beauty of this angel and add a touch of festive sparkle and elegance to your home.

  • Height about 7cm
  • collectible figure
  • colored

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