Already in GDR times Seiffen in the Erzgebirge was particularly known for its beautiful light pyramids and Christmas pyramids. In any case, these Erzgebirgischen Christmas articles are a wonderful Christmas present, in which everyone has many years of joy. Moreover, the most beautiful pyramids are those made of wood. The pyramids are divided into species. So there are the table pyramids, floor pyramids, thermal games or tea light pyramids. But there are also pyramids which produce a bell-tone by striking the rotary movement. The corresponding rotary movement of the pyramid comes about by the rising heat generated by the candle lights. Another great variant of pyramids are the electric models that are powered by a motor. Here you will find a large selection of Christmas pyramids made of natural wood. Read more

    der alten Handwerkskunst, der Bergleute.">These pyramids testify to the old craftsmanship, the miners. Many light pyramids therefore exhibit mining works. The most popular motifs are among others the Seiffen churches, carved angels, animals or angelic figures. You can find pyramids of different sizes, pyramids, which symbolize the Christmas story or even wonderful electric pyramids, even with sound technology.

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