Very often the Christmas is brought in connection with the Christ child or with the Nicholas. But the angels also belong to the Christmas picture. They are often part of Christmas decorations or Christmas postcards. Angels are heartily sung in Christmas songs and are mentioned again and again in children’s songs. But why do angels play an important part in Christmas? First, it can be mentioned that angels represent our protectors. They give us happiness, donate consolation and also ensure the balance of human harmony. Likewise the angel is even mentioned in the Bible. The main reason why angels are always hung up or put up at the Christmas season is that they are very loving beings. In addition, they serve God as a mouthpiece and Christmas is generally a feast of love that is to be brought to the fore by the use of angelic elements such as the world-known song “Silent Night”. Angel figures are very happy to be given away at Christmas and are no longer to be imagined. In our online shop, choose between a large selection of angels for Christmas and beautify your home or give it to a dear person. Angels are beautiful gifts for Christmas and protect the recipient or the family.

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