Blank short skirt angel rainbow, special edition 2023


  • Height about 7cm
  • from local woods
  • gift idea
  • collectible figure
  • nature
  • limitedCollectible figure
  • only produced in limited numbers

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short skirt angel rainbow, special edition 2023
Blank short skirt angel rainbow, special edition 2023 41,90 

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The short-skirt angel in rainbow is another detailed figure from Blank, an established family business in traditional Erzgebirge craftsmanship. At Blank, all products are manufactured with loving dedication and the highest level of craftsmanship precision, with the pleated skirt angels being one of their most famous creations.

These little angels are not only extremely graceful in their little dresses with ornate decorations and the majestic golden crown on their heads, but they also radiate an infectious joy. They have delicate and elegant wings on their backs, which give them a very special lightness.

A truly extraordinary angel is the limited annual angel for 2023. This angel will only be produced this year. In his hands he holds a beautiful and vibrant colored rainbow. The rainbow has had a symbolic meaning for centuries and represents harmony and the connection between earth and sky.

The annual angels from Blank are always something special and unique. They embody the uniqueness of each year and are a wonderful addition to your collection. Their timeless design and attention to detail make them sought-after collector’s items and perfect gifts for special occasions.

Experience the magical world of the Blank Angels and bring a piece of Erzgebirge tradition and joy into your home with the short skirt angel rainbow colored, the exclusive annual angel for 2023. These artistic angels are not only decorative objects, but also symbols of beauty and the connection between heaven and earth that brighten up any room.

  • Height about 7cm
  • from local woods
  • only produced in limited quantities
  • nature

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