Blank short skirt angel with cello, sitting


  • Height about 7cm
  • from local woods
  • gift idea
  • collectible figure
  • nature

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short skirt angel with cello, sitting
Blank short skirt angel with cello, sitting 31,90 

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The short-skirt angel with cello is another masterpiece from the renowned Blank House, a family business in the Ore Mountains that is known for its loving and detailed handicraft. The Blank company has made a name for itself in particular with its pleated skirt angels, which are true works of art.

With these unique angels you have the opportunity to create your own little angel world, entirely according to your personal preferences. Whether you choose brass players, singers or angels with timpani is entirely up to you. Each angel embodies a piece of heavenly music.

The golden crowns on the heads of these angels give them a majestic appearance that takes hearts by storm. The short-skirt angel with cello is a true beauty. This cheerful angel sits on a stool and coaxes enchanting melodies from his cello.

All short-skirt angels wear elegant wings on their backs, which make them appear even more graceful.

The short-skirt angel with cello is made from various local woods and goes through a complex manufacturing process that includes around 135 steps. The utmost attention to detail is taken at every step to ensure that each angel is a unique work of art.

Give your home a touch of heavenly music and magical elegance by choosing the short skirt angel with cello. Discover the magic of the Blank Angels and let yourself be enchanted by their beauty.

  • Height about 7cm
  • collectible figure
  • nature

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