Short skirt angel in the star with slide trombone


  • Short skirt angel
  • natural colors
  • golden crown
  • Height 10cm
  • Width 8cm
  • Depth 6cm

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skirt angel in the star with slide trombone
Short skirt angel in the star with slide trombone 38,90 

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The unique blank short skirt angels in the star with slide trombone combine natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship.

The fascination of these angels is based on their detailed and traditional handwork, which makes each individual angel a true work of art. With these angels you can create your own little world of angels and put together the group of angels according to your taste.

Would you like an angel that plays melodies? Or maybe someone who sings or plays the drum? With Blank you have the choice of which angel makes the music for you. These little angels are not only musically talented, but also extremely pretty to look at, with golden crowns on their heads and elegant wings on their backs.

The short-skirt angel in a star with a slide trombone is handcrafted in great detail, giving it a natural and charming character. The pretty angel has made himself comfortable in a two-tone star and puts a smile on the faces of young and old.

The natural-colored angel with a short pleated skirt proudly holds his cymbals in his hands and is versatile. Whether as a tree hanging, gift tag, living room decoration or small souvenir – the floating pleated skirt angels from Blank are real originals of Erzgebirge handicrafts. Each figure is made entirely by hand from local wood and impresses with its uniqueness. Thanks to the different grained woods, each piece is unique.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of the Blank Short Skirt Angels and bring a piece of Erzgebirge tradition and craftsmanship home. These angels are more than just decoration – they are symbols of love, music and the beauty of the Ore Mountains. Experience the magic of these unique angels and let yourself be enchanted by their grace.

  • Height 10cm
  • Width 8cm
  • Depth 6cm
  • Collectible figure
  • nature

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