HUSS kitchen stove – the attractive one

    • versatile
    • non-flammable


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    True to the slogan “Huss, Good made by hand”

    Incense is easy at Christmas time, but this cooker is so timeless that you can use it all year round.

    e.g. with the Sensual Magic Incense Candles.

    This kitchen stove brings back memories of grandmother’s time.

    Which grandma did not have such a kitchen stove at home.

    This cooker “the attractive one” is suitable for incense, fragrance and fragrance oils, in addition it can be used as a warmer.

    With this oven you get a piece of original Erzgebirge craftsmanship in the house.


    non-flammable, as it is completely made of metal
    additional furniture protection by stove sheet
    Durable due to very stable design
    suitable for the flow of fragrance oils
    usable as cup warmer
    Incense burns not only standing but also hanging
    safe and complete glaring
    Ash box for residues of several incense candles
    Coal box for accessories such as incense, matches, etc.
    very detailed


    Height: 205mm
    Width: 130mm
    Depth: 92mm

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