Incense figure owl with thank you sign

    • 16cm high
    • nature colors
    • produced sustainably
    • from the series “the owls”


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    This lovingly designed incense figure owl with thank you sign comes from Kuhnert and extends the series of owls.

    The owls made from sustainable wood come from all walks of life, they conjure a smile on the face of every viewer.

    Who do you want to say thank you for a long time?

    With this smoked owl you can say this easily and without much words.

    The little owl has a wooden sign decorated with flowers in her hand with “Thank you” written in capital letters, in the other hand she is holding a white rose

    Both young and old are happy to receive such a sweet message.

    The owl can be easily detached from its base and fitted with standard incense cones.

    16cm high
    nature colors
    sustainably produced

    You will of course also find other incense figures and the appropriate incense cones in our range.

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    Dimensions15 cm
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