Mini incense smoker imp with pickaxe
Mini incense smoker imp with pickaxe
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Mini incense smoker imp with pickaxe


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This mini incense smoker gnome with pickaxe comes from the house of Paul Ulrich where it is lovingly and detailed handcrafted.

For many, incense figures are part of the pre-Christmas period, when the smoke from the incense sticks drifts through the apartment and a cozy atmosphere spreads, Christmas is not far away.

Isn’t he pretty to look at, this mini incense smoker gnome with a pickaxe?

With a brown jacket, which is held together with light-colored buttons on the ball-round belly, and a brown hat, the little gnome comes out of the mine tunnel with a lantern in his hand, he still holds his hoe in his hand.

The friendly face with the round bulbous nose and the alert eyes is adorned by a long, white bushy beard and, as befits a real incense smoker, there is a long pipe in his mouth.

The upper body of the gnome can be easily detached from its lower part in order to equip it with MINI INCENSE CONES.

More pretty incense figures from Paul Ulrich and other manufacturers from the Ore Mountains can be found here.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 20 × 50 cm