Smoker caretaker


  • Year-round figure
  • 23cm high
  • richly decorated
  • great gift idea
  • for standard incense cones

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Lovingly and lavishly designed smoker nurse from Eva Beyer. Made in traditional handwork, richly detailed and colorfully hand-painted.

As the inscription on his top immediately shows, this smoker works in the nursing service, with white trousers and a white top he makes his way to his next patient with a tablet full of medication, a cup of tea and a clinical thermometer. But wait, what is he hiding behind his back? right, he also has a syringe with him. As always, my stethoscope hangs around my neck, and it’s not just nurses who are happy about such a personable smoker with pink cheeks and a bulbous nose.

The upper part of the incense figure can be easily detached from the legs in order to equip the plowman with incense candles. But hold on! Have you already discovered where the smoke from the incense cones will escape ?! this incense figure does not smoke out of the mouth as usual. No, with this smoking figure it seems as if she has a hot drink in her cup, because the smoke is escaping from her upper body at the level of the cup

Important: Slight deviations in terms of appearance and color design cannot be ruled out due to the manufacturer and are not grounds for complaint.

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