Smoker Ruprecht sandet

    • made from local woods
    • sanded
    • Height 22cm


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    This smoker Ruprecht has been sourced from the Franz Karl.

    It is made in traditional handcraft from local woods.

    Not only at Christmas time you can see smokers in many apartments and houses.

    Formerly smokers were just simple storage containers for incense candles,

    today they come in all shapes and sizes.

    Whether as a smoker or smoker, traditionally or in personification of different professional groups, as smoke mushrooms or smoked houses

    Smoked smokers are very special, in a special,

    patented manufacturing processes, the wooden bodies are first of all “burned off”,

    then brushed off and finally polished.

    In this way, the natural beauty of the material is particularly prominent and brings the used woods to advantage.

    Smoked smokers are indeed a real piece of Erzgebirge!

    With a rod in his hand and a heavy bag on his back, Ruprecht comes out of the winter forest to us.

    Height about 22cm

    Matching incense candles and a large selection of other smokers you will find naturally also with us.

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