Smoker snowman nature
Smoker snowman nature

Smoker snowman nature


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This natural smoker snowman is another simple yet impressive smoking figure from the house of Gunter Krauss based in beautiful Kühnheide. The Krauss company deliberately manufactures traditional products in order to pass on a piece of the down-to-earth nature and the Ore Mountains customs to the customer. Made in traditional and detailed handicraft

With the completely natural snowman, the unique grain of the wood comes into its own, wood is a natural product, so no two pieces are the same, you always get an original. As it should be for a real snowman, the little guy consists of 3 round balls which are decorated with 3 round buttons on the belly, a large cylinder sits on the head. He has tied a natural-colored scarf around his neck. Its friendly face with the thick carrot nose makes it a highlight in every winter decoration. Of course, the pipe should not be missing in the mouth either. The snowman has both arms stretched out from him. On one side there is a small bird and with the other he is holding a long stick. Simple yet impressive smoking figure.

Height 14cm
for standard incense cones

You can find more beautiful smoke figures from Gunter Krauss as well as from other manufacturers in the Ore Mountains here.

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