Crottendorfer incense cones GmbH


    The history of Crottendorfer incense conesGmbH began in 1918 as Freya Graupner in their 10qm kitchen itself made incense cones. Their children had to support them energetically. With their baskets they were then offered on the regional markets.

    In 1936, Freya Graupner set up a commercial application and produced everything in her kitchen until 1955, before production was relocated to a shed next to the house.

    1972 expropriation followed by the state. Since 1990, again under private direction is produced.

    The recipes written by Feya are still the basis of the company.

    Crottendorfer incense cones – The Incense cones with the real fragrance!

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    Showing 1–16 of 24 results

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